--with-acl-support (2.2.4

Noel Kelly nkelly at citrusnetworks.net
Tue Jun 4 23:59:04 GMT 2002

Are you using an ACL enabled kernel ?

If not you need to either patch your existing kernel (acl.bestbits.at) or
you can use the XFS filesystem from SGI (oss.sgi.com).  If you want to
reinstall the whole system then SGI actually produce an adapted RH installer
to run in conjunction with the usual media which gives you XFS out of the
box (the ACL utlities are a bit dated though and you will need to update
them after installation I found as they do not function properly with


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am I understanding something really wrong or is there something that I've
samba-2.2.4 configure --with-acl-support outputs these lines along others:
checking whether to support ACLs... checking for acl_get_file in -lacl... no
checking for ACL support... no

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