VFS: Can you track fd (last activity on a file descriptor) ??

troutb at abclabs.com troutb at abclabs.com
Mon Jun 3 07:55:02 GMT 2002

I looking for a way to check the last activity performed on a specific fd.

What I trying to do is,

see if the last action was a open while during the current write request.
this will tell me that a file was opened and actually written to.
when this occurs I will make a copy of file for ( FDA Part11 compliance ).

The issues is that most things open with write but perform so action .. or
possible not. If you right click properties in explorer it opens for write.
( I must track paired actions .. to conclude if a backup is needed or not.

My idea is created a GLOBAL array


int fd_stat[1024] = 0;

0=unused or closed
1=open for write
2=written too

int stat *vfs_init....

Does SAMBA already do this with the current structures ?????????????????

help ...

if anyone else needs Part 11 Compliance .. I will releases this
if I can get it working

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