known BUG "multi-byte character set in usernames"

Gerald Carter jerry at
Sat Jun 1 18:23:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Juergen Hasch wrote:

> Now I never would have brought this up because I don't care to much for 2.2 
> and I was just curious when I made the patches. But since someone asked :-)
> The names/groups are transferred by rpc and converted from unicode like this:
> 	unistr2_to_ascii(t, &info1.str[j].uni_acct_name, sizeof(pstring));
> Adding the line
> 	dos_to_unix(t);
> makes the umlaute appear.
> Now the charset conversion may be totally wrong there, I believed it to be 
> *easiest* patch.

please send me thispatch for 2.2 if you ave it.  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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