Samba 2.2.4 with TNG-Domain Controller: Groups not working - help urgently required!

martin.hechenberger at martin.hechenberger at
Sat Jun 1 09:20:02 GMT 2002


When I join a 2.2.4 fileserver to a TNG domain controller, everything 
seems to work fine. Winbind gives me users and domain groups, files are 
accessible, etc.

But when I trie to modify acls for a folder/file (via security-tab), i get 
domain searchlist, but when i add a domain group, windows tells me that 
there would be no name to display ... (sorry, originally german error 

 rpcclient -S 2.2.4-box -U % -c 'lookupname DOMAIN\group' from TNG gives

cmd_lsa_lookup_names: FAILED: NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED.

compiled --with-acls --with-quotas --with-winbind

Directly on a Windows box all groups can be added to acls correctly.

Filesystem is xfs. Kernel 2.4.18. 

Thank you in advance



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