No /etc/passwd file

Corey Caverly caverly at
Wed Jul 31 18:57:01 GMT 2002

I have currently compiled SAMBA with the LDAP option and I SAMBA is as 
of now authenticating with the LDAP server but I am looking to do two things

One...  I do not want SAMBA to look on the localhost to access the user 
list.  In other words I want to set SAMBA up so that it uses the LDAP 
database instead of the /etc/passwd database....

Also I am looking for a way to set up the SAMBA PDC so that when a 
machine account is created it puts that account in the LDAP database in 
ou=machine instead of ou=people...... I am comfortable with running 
SAMBA 3.0 CVS if that is what is needed....

If anyone knows of any documentation or has any input it would be 
greatly appreciated....


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