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Jim Myers myersjj at
Wed Jul 31 17:17:01 GMT 2002

Andrew, you mentioned that Samba should produce the same error codes as a 
Windows remote share.
Here's an interesting case:  The test below runs correctly on native NTFS, 
but fails as shown below with a remote Win2K share.
Samba produces the same error code as the remote case which means it fails 
IFSTEST as well.

So it appears even Microsoft doesn't produce identical results with local 
and remote NTFS disks/shares.

+++Microsoft (R) Installable File System Test for Windows NT/2000+++
+++Test SW Build 0007 Init Wednesday July 31, 2002 17:09:31+++

Test         :FileRelativePathCreationTest
Group        :OpenCreateGeneral
File         :g:\ifstest\code\opcreatg\frelpath.c
Line         :500
Description  :
An attempt was made at a relative file creation. This operation
is identical to a previous relative file creation, execept
here the filename is specified with a leading slath. This
is illegal and should return an invalid parameter status.

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IBM Almaden Research Center
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