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Wed Jul 31 16:36:01 GMT 2002

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Thanks for your reply.

I mount the file system with smbmount from a Win 2000 system (and
I have the same problem from a Win 98 box)

I did a test:  (bash history...)

 1025  smbmount //p500/D /mnt
 1026  cd /mnt
 1027  cd SparkleSystems/Toxocara/
 1034  cd Restore/
 1035  wc Toxocara.mdb
 1036  stat Toxocara.mdb

	This is one of the trouble files.

	Both wc and stat returned the same count.  Is this test sufficient?
	I am pretty sure that wc just does the read to EOF that you suggest.

	When I extract the file from the tar archive and then diff it
against the 
	file mounted on /mnt, they match.

	And yes, I could upgrade...and maybe should.  But I just don't 
	have the time to keep 4 systems right up to date.  I know I should,

Anyway, any other assistance or suggestions will be welcomed.



> I have seen tar do this when the number of bytes returned by reading the
> file does not agree with the size return by stat().  You can verify this
> by writing a small test program that stats the file and then reads until
> EOF counting up the bytes read.  If this small test case fails, then tar
> is absolved.
> Are these local files or remotely-mounted (NFS) files?  Are they sparse
> files?   Yeah, these things should not matter, but...  Oh, and are the
> copies created by tar the same as the originals or not?  You didn't say.
> (And then the completely generic answer...) Your version of Samba is
> rather old. You might try the current version (2.2.5).
> Hope this sheds a small amount of light.
> PG

Bert Buckley
250 477 2570

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