More on NetBench results

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Wed Jul 31 15:27:01 GMT 2002


I have now got some profiling data from a single user NetBench run.

NetBench claims that it transferred 97.821 MB in 599.961 seconds and thus 
gave the server a throughput of 1.304Mb/s!

Actually multiplying out the numbers gives the same result.

However, when you look at what Samba says, you get a different picture:

As far as Samba is concerned, it was asked to read 113089649 bytes and 
write 59773408 bytes. Approximately 20MB were written during the setup 
phase, so lets make that 39000000 bytes.

That is, the server seems to have been asked to move approximately twice 
as many bytes as the test reports!

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