Netbench results on a linux 4-way system

Andrew Theurer habanero at
Wed Jul 31 11:06:02 GMT 2002

I though I'd share some NetBench results on one of our servers.

4 x 1.5 GHz P4, 256K L3, 32MB L4, 2 GB memory
4 x 1Gbps acenic ethernet
14 SCSI disks in hardware RAID1 with 128 MB writeback NVRAM
SuSE 8.0, 2.4.18 kernel
Samba 2.2.3a
Ext3 fs

48 x 866 MHz PIII running Windows 2000


Baseline				576 Mbps
ext3 data=writeback		623 Mbps
samba smblog=1			673 Mbps
sendfile/zerocopy		801 Mbps
O(1) scheduler			809 Mbps
Evenly affined IRQs		800 Mbps *needed to get process affinity correct
Process affinity			848 Mbps
/proc/sys/net/hll=764		853 Mbps
case sens enforced		895 Mbps
samba spinlocks			912 Mbps
dcache read copy update 	923 Mbps (also had 5% idle time)

I have also achieved 1002 Mbps with ext2.

Some other things I think may be worth investigating:

gettimeofday().  Samba calls this a lot, one for every reply I think, to check 
for connection timeout.  This means we go into kernel mode every single time 
we call this, something I'd like to avoid.  And I also don't think we need 
the resolution of gettimeofday for this.  How about some sort of timer in 
samba with a 1 second granularity?  I admit I have not thought about how to 
do this, but there's gotta be a way.  

locking for the samba db.  Spin locks got us a little better than flocks, but 
again I'd rather not go into kernel mode every time.  Has anyone considered 
using Rusty Russell's futexes for this?  

Hyperthreading.  With 2 physical processors, I can get 25% better results!!!  
with 4 physical processors, I only get 2% better.  I may be running into 
other bottlenecks on the 4 physical/8 logical CPU case, so I hope there is 
room for improvement.  However there are probably a lot more 2-way P4 systems 
out there than 4-way, so I bet this could really benefit a lot of people out 

Anyway, I have a lot of analysis data (kernel profiles mostly) that goes along 
with this stuff if anyone is interested in looking at it  My intention was to 
make some sort of article out of this, so I wanted to get some feedback from 
this list.  Is this stuff interesting or relevant to anyone out there?  What 
else would you like to see in terms of samba on linux  performance?  


Andrew Theurer

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