wierd samba problems - NEED COMMENTS

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Wed Jul 31 07:46:02 GMT 2002

Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 wrote:
> am exhausted for solving this.
> using samba2.0.7 and 2.2.5 in 5000 nis/nis+ and win2k domain environment
> samba member server in domain giving access to nfs home directories
> everything working smooth since last 3 years
> lately couple of users unix home directory are not completely listed when
> seen from windows explorer via samba.
> permission on unix home direcotry are 755 ( i changed to 777 to test ) but
> could not see all the folders and files that exist on unix side
> ur coments will appreciated
> thanks in advance

	Sure: use smbclient to see if this problem is
	with Windows clients or with the Samba server.

	If it occurs with smbclient too, it's on the server.

	If so, turn logging up to 10 and look for errors:
	you may want to offer a log for download. Similarly,
	you might need to do a packt capyure when you're
	reproducing the problem.

	If the problem is on the client, a packet capture
	would be good, with timestamps so we can see if something
	is taking way too long: pc clients, windows explorer and
	huge unix directories can be so slow as to cause timeouts
	on the PC end...


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