Hunting down bottlenecks in samba 2.2.5 + OpenLDAP

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Wed Jul 31 05:43:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Fredrik Ohrn wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Fredrik Ohrn wrote:
> > 
> > source don't print anything. Does anyone have suggestions why/how samba 
> > triggers this lengthy search?
> > 
> As always: Use Google first, ask questions later.
> The crulpit here is the initgroups function, apparently nss_ldap is 
> borked on Solaris. I'll move over to the correct mailinglist. :)

Correction: Use Google first, read the source, read the source again, make 
sure you understand the source, ask questions later.

The fault lies within Samba. A comment about Tru64 threw me off at first, 
that piece of code doesn't apply to me, right? :)

In lib/util_getent.c we find this little gem: get_users_in_group(*name)

According to the comment above the function getgrnam is broken on Tru64 
and thus it must use getgrent, with the side effect that it enumerates the 
complete list of groups.

Congrats, it is painfully to enumerate groups on a LDAP server.

Someone has already put in a workaround for nss_winbind, since enumerating 
groups is slow in that case too.

I'd say this needs to be fixed so that the default is to use getgrnam and 
only use a getgrent-loop on platforms known to be broken.


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