How do I compile 64 bit Samba on Solaris 8?

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Tue Jul 30 17:22:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 03:38:59PM -0700, Dennis, David M. wrote:
>>>>> "Dave" == Dennis, David M <dmd at> writes:

    Dave> Regarding compiling on solaris: 1) make sure the environment
    Dave> variable CC is set to the proper compiler.  If gcc then $CC
    Dave> needs 'gcc' and if Forte on Sun then $CC=cc .

    Dave> 2) ensure the proper paths, the Sun Companion CD puts gcc in
    Dave> /opt/sfw/bin/gcc .

    Dave> 3) LD_LIBRARY_PATH must include non-standard Solaris libs,
    Dave> /usr/local/lib is NOT standard on Solaris.

Might be best to unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    Dave> 4) If you have Forte your PATH should be something like
    Dave> /opt/SUNWspro/bin ahead of everything, and /opt/sfw/bin or
    Dave> /usr/local/bin last .  LD_LIBRARY_PATH should likewise have
    Dave> /opt/SUNWspro/lib ahead of everything else.

    Dave> There was also just recently a patch posted for smbwrapper
    Dave> for samba, if your compile is failing with that email me and
    Dave> I'll send it along.

    Dave> Hope that helps, anyone feel free to add corrections to the
    Dave> above, I am still learning these myself!

    John> I haven't found any docs on how to do this. Can someone
    John> point me in the right direction? I've got Forte compiler 6.2
    John> and the sun linker and assembler in my path, but not gcc. Is
    John> it an option I give to configure? Do I have to use gcc?

I believe I've posted instructions on this several times in the past.

Assuming that you have cc in your PATH and the CC=cc

A. For Bourne/Korn Shells

   1. For Sun's Forte compiler
      CC=cc  CPPFLAGS='-D__EXTENSIONS__' CFLAGS='-xarch=v9a'  \
        ./configure <args-to-configure>

   2. For gcc 3.x or better

      CC=gcc CPPFLAGS='-D__EXTENSIONS__' CFLAGS='-m64' \
        ./configure <args-to-configure>

B. For Csh and derivatives

   1. For Sun's Forte compiler
      setenv CC       cc                 \
      setenv CPPFLAGS '-D__EXTENSIONS__' \
      setenv CFLAGS   '-xarch=v9a'       \
        ./configure <args-to-configure>

   2. For gcc 3.x or better

      setenv CC       gcc                \
      setenv CPPFLAGS '-D__EXTENSIONS__' \
      setenv CFLAGS   '-m64'             \
        ./configure <args-to-configure>

The CPPFLAGS='-D__EXTENSIONS__' is necessary because configure doesn't
(yet) include <crypt.h> and crypt gets the wrong prototype in a 64-bit
application, leading to a SIGSEGV in swat

If you experience difficulties linking some shared objects, it's
because the definition of SHLD doesn't include CFLAGS. The workaround

make SHLD='${CC} ${CFLAGS}' 

when building Samba

You could also use '-xarch=v9' or 'xarch=v9b' for UltraSparc III or
'-xarch=native64' instead of '-xarch=v9a'

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