WANTED: defaults for 'panic action' for various systems

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sun Jul 28 07:24:01 GMT 2002

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I've added support to Samba so that it's stderr is always redirected to
> it's logfile.  
> I'm hoping that this will allow us to create a default for 'panic
> action' that can get user's the debugging information they need when
> smbd crashes.  In particular, it could give us vital clues in some of
> the unreproducable crashes we get from time to time.

> So, the challange is out:  Provide a patch that implements a configure
> test to find the appropriate debugger, invokes it in a secure way and
> outputs it's work to stderr.  From there it will end up in the currently
> open logfile.

Please provide an option to simply not intercept the signals that cause 
a panic.

The SAMBA signal handler is interfering with platforms like OpenVMS that 
have a built in "panic action" handler.

When you intercept a fatal signal, instead of getting a stack dump like 
you want to provide, I get a stack dump telling me that that SAMBA 
deliberately exited from the signal handler, and I do not get much in 
the way of a clue as to why the signal handler was invoked.

Since I can not run the configure scripts, it makes it easier for me if 
the default action is to assume that the operating system has a "panic 
action" handler that will produce a traceback dump.

wb8tyw at qsl.network
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