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Gerald Carter jerry at
Fri Jul 26 06:30:15 GMT 2002

On 23 Jul 2002, Kieran wrote:

> Hey guys,
> 	I've got some experience writing documentation in my current job so i'd
> be interested in helping out the Samba project. Unfortunately, while I
> can program (hey, HTML is soooo a programming language), I'm not a C (or
> C+ for that matter) developer. I'd however like to help out how I can
> because I use samba daily in my work as a network admin.
> 	Could someone point me in the right direction and i'll have a go. I
> haven't ever written any documentation for any linux projects before,
> but what the hell, you have to start somewhere.


See for details on obtaining
the HEAD cvs branch.  Once downloaded, goto the docs/docbook directory
and poke around in there.  Note that I've got some checkins
that I've been meaning to do that will update things slightly
(hopefully today)

cheers, jerry
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