[Samba] Parameter "hide unwritable"

Alexander Oswald oswald at is.haw-hamburg.de
Fri Jul 26 06:28:58 GMT 2002

Am Freitag, 26. Juli 2002 14:50 schrieb Simo Sorce:

> Have you some code, or is this just a feature request?

This is just a request, I have no code at this time. (I had hoped,
that I will find the author of the hide unreadable patch (you!) and he
will already do it :-))

I'm absolutely unexperienced with samba source tree, CVS,
and such stuff (I did not need it up to now) and unfortunately
there is no time for me to train myself :(

I assume, you (as the author) will find the unwritable feature
*extremely* usefull and necessary ;-) I wanted to ask you
wether you make it?

But before that, it should be discussed and cleared wether this
feature is really wanted by others, too, particularly the
samba chief developers. :)

Regards, Alex

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