a few quite serious fixes

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Jul 26 06:07:01 GMT 2002

mimir at diament.ists.pwr.wroc.pl wrote:
> Below I attach the following patches as a result of my work
> on trusted domains support:
>  1) srv_samr_nt.c.diff
>     This fixes a bug which caused to return null string as
>     the first entry of enumerated accounts list (no matter what
>     entry, it was always null string and rid) and possibly
>     spoiled further names, depeding on their length.
>     I found that while testing my 'net rpc trustdom list'
>     against nt servers and samba server.
>  2) libsmb.diff
>     Now, fallback to anonymous connection works correctly.
>  3) smbpasswd.c.diff
>     Just a little fix which actually allows one to create
>     a trusting domain account using smbpasswd
>  4) typos.diff
>     As the name suggests, it's just a few typos fix :)
> More patches (for net tool mostly) on the way. I just need
> to split them out from quite big 'cvs diff' result.

Looks good to me:  Applied.

Andrew Bartlett

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