[Samba] Parameter "hide unwritable"

Alexander Oswald oswald at is.haw-hamburg.de
Fri Jul 26 05:08:01 GMT 2002

Am Freitag, 26. Juli 2002 12:48 schrieb John E. Malmberg:

> Why not use the host platform's security to make the files unavailable
> to SMBD when SMBD is SETUID to the user?

My scenario:
We have a certain directory tree in which many users have many files.
The files of a single user can be wide spread in this tree, and they
reside partially in the same directory with files from other users.
Some files must be additional writable for a certain group, others mustn't.
And, to complicate this, most files must be readable for apache...
Yes, a really messed up tree ;-) Unfortunately, I see no chance to
improve this on the OS level (except moving that tree completely to
/dev/null ;-))

> No changes are needed for SAMBA to do that, so it will work with all
> versions of SAMBA.

You're right. My wish can't be actually a core feature of samba. IMHO,
samba isn't designed for that purpose, and needn't to be.
But it would be a nice-to-have for me, to implement a (strange) kind
of privacy protection for our users against each other, additional to
avoid overwhelming them with stuff, they can't change anyway (although the
world has read-access via apache). But if you have a brilliant idea for 
me, let me know :)

Ok, I will refer to Andrews mail and try it for my own.

Regards, Alex

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