Some questions on a piece of code

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Thu Jul 25 21:25:01 GMT 2002

In open.c (Samba 2.2.5), There's a piece of codes.

set a kernel flock on a file for NFS interoperability
this requires a patch to Linux
static void kernel_flock(files_struct *fsp, int deny_mode)
     int kernel_mode = 0;
     if (deny_mode == DENY_READ) kernel_mode = LOCK_MAND|LOCK_WRITE;
     else if (deny_mode == DENY_WRITE) kernel_mode = LOCK_MAND|LOCK_READ;
     else if (deny_mode == DENY_ALL) kernel_mode = LOCK_MAND;
     if (kernel_mode) flock(fsp->fd, kernel_mode);

What does LOCK_MAND mean? A mandatory flock? If it is ,then in which sys
call check this flag?

Where is HAVE_KERNEL_SHARE_MODES defined in?
What patch should I use?

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