HELP: getting group information from win2k domain controller

Yuquan Jiang jiangy at
Wed Jul 24 19:41:02 GMT 2002

I am trying to use NetUserGetGroups RAP function to retrieve group
information for a user from win2k domain controller. But look like I got

the following problems:

1. I can only retrieve global security group info, no distribution
group, local domain group information can be retrieved
2. it doesn't report nested group name. Say if group11 is within group1,

and user1 is a member of group11, then it only gives me group11, not

Does anyone know what the reason could be ? Should I use a RPC different

function for this purpose ? Or is the win2k server set up problem, or it

is expected that win2k server will not release some of its group
information ? Or I should use DEC/RPC function for this purpose and RAP
don't have this ability ?

Thanks a lot.


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