Samba profiling support again ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Wed Jul 24 10:52:01 GMT 2002


Followinng up my message of a couple of days ago on profiling, here are 
some issues profiling.

What one would like to gather is for each SMB op requested, the total 
system call time spent on that OP.

At the moment, all that goes through the VFS stuff, and although the VFS 
stuff is slightly broken as well (it should record nested values or 
separate values), it would be nice if it was recorded against both system 
call time in total and against the SMB op that invoked it.

It cost of doing this would be:

1. A separate set of system call counts and times for each SMB op as well 
as the total that are currently kept.

2. Slight changes to the macros to do the accounting.

All this could be protected by an ifdef that allowed you to switch it on 
if you want that level of profiling or off if you don't want to take the 
performance hit.
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