running rpc calls in 'net'

mimir at mimir at
Tue Jul 23 11:45:02 GMT 2002

I thought about possible generalisation of using rpc calls
inside 'net'. We've been talking about it on #samba-technical.

Well, run_rpc_command() is good, but not good
enough. On each call, this function opens connection to IPC$
and opens a pipe (which name is passed as an argument).
That's quite easy to fix to use already opened connections.
More difficult is to accomodate this function to using
many different cli_* calls. They (mostly) use differend arguments
passed and return results using pointers passed.
That's quite hard to generalise. We could, of course, use some
kind of structures of which (void*) pointer would be passed
by the run_rpc_command() function, but what can be gained by this
might be lost be need of filling such structure with arguments
of rpc being called.

Any ideas ? If there's no other way of doing such generalisation
then my last patch should not be modified too much.

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