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Mike Gerdts gerdts at
Mon Jul 22 13:24:05 GMT 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 13:02, Max TenEyck Woodbury wrote:
> This is part of the 'do it at least once before you automate it' section of
> my larger build automation project. (That was described here some time ago,
> and it has morphed more than a little since I posted it, but you may be able
> to see how this fits in with a little imagination. The biggest change in that
> plan is that VMWare can be used instead of a bunch of removable disks and
> extra computers.)

For build/packaging for multiple distributions (or just a distribution
that you don't really like to use), you may want to take a look at user
mode linux.  It gives you a lot of what vmware does without the cost of

Quick start, (.deb of uml is available too):

$ wget
$ su
# rpm -Uvh user_mode_linux-2.4.18-36um-0.i386.rpm
# exit
$ wget
$ bunzip2 root_fs.rh72.pristine.bz2
$ chmod 400 root_fs.rh72.pristine
$ linux ubd0=root_fs_rw.rh72,root_fs.rh72.pristine \
login: root
password: root
# ifconfig -a
---> be sure that you have eth0 up if not:
# ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
---> then
# route add default gw
# mkdir /usr/src/samba
---> this assumes that you have NAT enabled or nfsserver is
---> the machine that you are running uml on (use
---> in place of nfsserver)
# mount nfsserver:/export/samba /usr/src/samba
# cd /usr/src/samba/samba-2.2.25
# ./configure && ...

Presumably you could add an init script that makes it possible to
automatically mount the directory that has the samba source, then run
some magical build script that is on that share.  When it has finished
running the script, it halts the uml instance.  Your packages should be
on the nfs server.

With each day's build you could use a fresh root_fs_rw.rh72 so that you
are sure that you are building it based upon a clean distribution.

See for more details.


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