SMBtrans2 oplock safety

Lev Iserovich lev at
Fri Jul 19 09:52:02 GMT 2002

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>*Great* detective work - can you give me a test case to reproduce
>this ? I would love to know exactly how to test this.
>Could you try removing the QUEUE_IN_OPLOCK flag for both
>reply_trans2 and reply_nttrans as they are both internally
>protected against this problem and test again for me.
>I would like to know about this problem asap so I can get it
>checked in and tested for 2.2.6.
>	Jeremy.
Unfortunately the test case to reproduce is using a very expensive video 
editing application (Inite --
I can send you network captures of the problem if you want..
I've remove the QUEUE_IN_OPLOCK in reply_trans2 and it solved the 
problem. I haven't touched reply_nttrans though, want me to do that too?
I can then try to reproduce and send the non-failing capture to you.


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