winbindd, (radio)active directory and other pains...

Bogdan Iamandei bogdan at
Tue Jul 16 23:26:01 GMT 2002

	Hi everybody,

	I am trying to make winbindd talk to the local AD swerver here
and it is not too clear to me whether there's a difference between
2.2.6-pre and 3.0-pre.

	It seems to me that 2.2.6-pre is not really working (unless I
am doing somehthing wrong) and 3.0-pre is not compiling the shared
libs in nsswitch because of an error in configure script at the point 
where it checks whether the compiler can create shared libs. This 
happens with Sun's CC.

	So, my questions are: is there any difference between winbind
in Samba2.2.6pre and HEAD? Is there anyone who got winbindd talking
to an AD on Solaris/Sparc? If yes - how? :)


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