how to deal with STATUS_PIPE_BUSY ?

Ben Johnson ben at
Tue Jul 16 19:01:02 GMT 2002

I'm working on very old code.  I mostly need protocol advice.

this thing is working a lot better than it used to now but it's not
perfect.  I discovered that if I make a request for a very large number
of very long group names that I'll wind up getting a "Transaction
Response[transaction continuation]" packet packet which I had to add a
function to deal with.  I am now capable of retrieving one whole set of
local user group names.

The problem comes when, after I succeed in getting a very large list of
group names, I ask for another.  The second request fails and I get an
NT error code of STATUS_PIPE_BUSY.  Does anyone know what that means?
How can I deal with it?  Do I have to send some sort of ack?  do I need
to close out a transaction?  The code works fine as long as I don't ask
for packets that are too large, so I imagine there must be some special
client side handling needed (beyond what I'm doing) for large packets.

I'm not sure why the code asks for a second set of local user groups.
It appears that not all group memberships are reported with the first
transaction.  It appears that reported group membership changes
depending on how the question is asked or maybe it depends on who's
asking.  I can't tell so far.  The requests look more or less identical
but they retrieve different group membership info.

Thanks for any help.

- Ben

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