resolution to: "advice for quick hack on _old_ code?"

Ben Johnson ben at
Mon Jul 15 16:58:02 GMT 2002

wow.  that new ethereal is really nice!!  What a difference a few months
will make.

The new ethereal told me that the NT error code I was getting
(0x05000080) is called STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW.  I guessed from this that
I possibly needed to increase the max_data_size I send to the NT server
and increase the size of the local response packet buffer.   I tried the
authentication again after making this simple change and found that the
reponse packet was still getting truncated but the error code went away
_and_, to my suprise, an "NBSS Continuation Packet" was sent after the
first which contained the missing data.  my lib handled that new packet
without a hitch.

I'm wondering now why no one around here tried that before.

Thanks for your help Kevin.

- Ben

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