samba-technical digest, Vol 1 #1776 - 10 msgs

REILLY,JOHN R (HP-Roseville,ex1) jreilly at
Mon Jul 15 11:49:09 GMT 2002

Andrew -

> The Samba system just uses a per-file #define, which meant that idra and
> Elrond were actually able to implement it without touching each and
> every DEBUG.

I did it this way for two reasons: in general samba code is well modularized
along file boundaries, and I was trying hard to make as few changes to
existing code. There are also several extended DEBUG macro's to allow

> But the fundamental idea of debug classes is sane (but expensive). 

Actually, it should result in one extra lookup and test per DEBUG. As I
recall, it added three instructions per DEBUG on the Intel architecture,
but my memory is fuzzy on this.

John Reilly

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