[PATCH] Password Locked Account Control

Patrick McCarty mccartyp at apu.edu
Sat Jul 13 10:44:01 GMT 2002

> Basiclly, the code needs a general rewrite - at the very lest we need
> the BOOLs converted to NTSTATUS.

These are the three functions that call change_oem_password:

pass_oem_change in smbd/chgpassword.c
api_SetUserPassword in smbd/lanman.c
update_smbpassword_file in smbd/password.c

They are currently BOOLs. If I change them to be NTSTATUS with
and add similar code to that of the patch I recently mailed to the list,
and check add a check for acctFlags somewhere in the Unix Password Sync
code, we are looking okay?

Patrick McCarty
Video Technician
Azusa Pacific University

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