Using Samba for HTTP-NTLM-authentication?

Johann Hanne jonny at
Sat Jul 13 02:04:01 GMT 2002

> Basically there are hooks in winbindd (through the AUTH_CRAP command) to
> authenticate using a challenge and nt/lm responses.
Wow. Thanks for that hint. I have patched rh73's samba-2.2.3a to include 
the winbind crap stuff and now have a wbinfo -a with both plaintext 
password authentication and challenge/response password authentication 

I already had a look at wbinfo.c and it seems trivial to me to modify 
wbinfo_auth_crap() so that it works in an apache module. I'll try to 
rewrite it so we don't run into another GPL violation. Expect results 
early next week.

Cheers, Jonny <jonny at>

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