Kerberos with Samba 3.0 alpha9

Vijay Kota vijay at
Fri Jul 12 12:41:21 GMT 2002

Hi all,
First off, apologies if this is the wrong forum or the message is a
I have Samba set up to join a realm. Most of the time, my Win2k client
gets authenticated as follows:
            1. Client sends NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE
            2. Samba sends back NTLMSSP_CHALLENGE
            3. Client sends NTLMSSP_AUTH
            4. Samba sends STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
            5. Client contacts the KDC and gets a Kerberos ticket
            6. Client sends ticket to Samba which then goes thru
reply_spnego_kerberos() for successful authentication.
My problem is that every once in a while, the client loops over steps 1
thru 4 and doesn't proceed to step 5.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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