smbmount with big file sizes

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Jul 11 13:42:06 GMT 2002

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, root wrote:

> But during boot time i gets some error message of this kind.
> #####
> /lib/ext3.o: unresolved symbol iget4_R7414451b
> ERROR: /bin/insmod exited abnormally!
> #####
> Is this ok? or i have missed out something.

When you rebuilt your kernel you didn't rebuild the ext3 support as a
module (your old kernel had it as a module) and something changed with the
"modversions" (the funny numbers after the symbol names).

Rebuild the kernel with ext3 as a module, or if you built it into the
kernel remove the ext3.o file.

The maker of the distribution you use has probably more info on how to
build a kernel that works in that environment and/or google for others
that have built custom kernels on that linux flavour.

I don't recognise having modules directly in /lib ...

Nice to hear that the LFS part is working.


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