About default ACL

Alex Xiang alex at mountainviewdata.com
Wed Jul 10 19:07:02 GMT 2002

There's a new parameter in samba 2.2.5's smb.conf, it is "inherit acls".
If enabled, the default ACLs goes well, but if it disabled, I found something
different from the older version of samba.

If the share's root directory has it's default ACLs, the new created file will has
a ACL always be 744, and it will inherit additional user ACLs from default ACL
even the "inherit acls" disabled.

like this:

[root at dhcp13 aaa]# chacl -l . file1
. [u::rwx,u:b:rwx,o::---,g::rwx,m::rwx/u::rwx,g::r--,o::---,m::rwx,u:b:rwx]
file1 [u::rwx,g::r--,o::r--,m::rwx,u:b:rwx]

You can see, file1 inherited some user ACLs (u:b:rwx).

This is not what I wanted,  is there anything I can do to deal with this?

Best Regards.
Alex Xiang

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