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Wed Jul 10 16:43:05 GMT 2002

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> I am working on figuring out error codes in SMB.  Anyone with a quick
> rundown, I'd appreciate it...
> I note that in the Leach/Naik draft it says that the NT LM 0.12 dialect
> can return 32-bit error codes, depending upon the state of one of the
> capabilities bits.  It then goes on to specify only DOS error class/error
> code combinations.

My understanding is that MS assured people 'NTSTATUS is only for NT ->
NT, you just won't need them' ;-)

> Another oddity... In the older X/Open docs, as well as the SNIA CIFS doc,
> there is a small amount of discussion about dialects which support OS/2
> error codes (also 32-bit).
> So, I'm wondering...
> - What is the relationship (if any) between OS/2 status codes and the
>   Win32 32-bit status codes?

Win32 32-bit status codes are different to NTSTATUS codes.  We use
WERRORs in the printing subsystem, and have conversion tables for them

On the subject of error conversion:  The 'NTSTATUS -> DOS' table is
pretty solid - due to it being extracted almost directly from an NT
table (over the wire, naturally).  The other tables are much less robust
- and a glance there are certainly error codes that don't mach up.  DOS
-> NTSTATUS in particular.  

(We need bright ideas on extracting them).

> - Are the 32-bit codes preferred?  In the Samba code, I note one place in
>   which 32-bit error codes are forced (in smbd/error.c) under certain
>   circumstances.

Some clients expect NTSTATUS error codes on some packets - and don't
behave when they don't get them.

They also provide a *much* richer functionality and allow a much greater
range of errors to be expressed.

> - Is the list of error codes in include/nterr.h the best available
>   (probably)?

A newer list could probably be generated by the same mechinism.  The
best available is found on Win2k - but we like keeping at arms length
from that stuff.

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