Draft of branch maintainence and release plans....

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Tue Jul 9 09:59:05 GMT 2002

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Tim Potter wrote:

> > No, but from here it does rather look like I'm the only (team) person
> > working on PDC-specific code currently, particularly in HEAD.  (Hence
> > why I have am so glad to be working with kai, jelmer and metze on the
> > new SAM stuff - and with idra's keen eye on details I would prefer to
> > gloss over... ;-)
> You might want to take a look at the ethereal NETLOGON code.  Ronnie has
> been doing lots of work, apparently with netmon.exe and a random packet
> generator.  (-:

It is amazing the cross-polination that is occurring :-)
> > > Just out of curiousity, IIRC Kai did the current trust relationship stuff
> > > and tpot did the sam sync stuff.  Or am I remembering incorrectly here.
> > > I could be.  Memory is a little fuzzy.
> > 
> > Tpot did the sam sync stuff - but has indicated he is too busy to
> > continue, I worked with mimir on the trusted domains code - most of it
> > was actually done when I did AuthRewrite, and mimir sorted out some
> > important protocol details with the join etc.
> To be fair most of the code was already in TNG.  It just needed
> debugging and merging and some quiet time in an airport lounge.

:-) That was how I first started working on Ethereal, and a lot of my 
ethereal work was done on aircraft.

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