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Mon Jul 8 16:53:02 GMT 2002

David Lee [mailto:t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk] wrote (edited for brevity):
> Could I add a few things for consideration? 
> To a first approximation, I'm assuming that the foundation
> work can only be done by the Samba Team.  (Is this a fair 
> assumption in the items listed?)

In the case of the panic action, as I will elaborate shortly, I believe that
a few OS experts could work independently and then "submit" some work back
to the Samba Team.

> panic action
> ------------
> Some months ago we had a discussion about "panic action", and 
> agreed on the desirability of improving the default behaviour,
> so that, if reasonably possible, it would automatically
> attempt to invoke a debugging program to dump a backtrace
> into that smbd's own log file.
> And in the last few days, this list has seen another example of
> a sys.admin. who (like me and many others of us) would have
> been able to benefit if a default debug/backtrace had been in
> place. 

I would be willing to work (off-list) with a small number of OS experts to
agree on an API for producing a back-trace of the stack.  I know how we do
this for VOS, I know some of the issues involved, and I believe that such an
API definition should be independent of Samba.  The challenge is to produce
an OS-independent API that is flexible enough to accommodate the rather wide
variety of operating systems, while hiding the guts of the mechanism from
the callers. (The code to actually traverse the stack and produce output
that can be interpreted by mortals or even by code is almost certainly going
to be OS-specific, but I think we can probably produce an API that we can
all then implement).  If anyone else considers themselves qualified &
interested, please contact me off-list.

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