Link less to smbmnt

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Jul 8 12:28:34 GMT 2002

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> This patch removes most of that - in an attempt to allow for easier
> verification of its security status.  I would also (but not included in
> this patch) like to remove its use of includes.h (for the same reason),
> but I know tridge has different opinions on things like that.
> What do people think?

It should also be done for smbumount (which btw is also meant to be made
suid root to allow user umounts). I sent this patch with some smbmount
stuff to samba-patches some days ago, but maybe that place is dead:

I didn't remove includes.h either.

Speaking of smbmnt, the current RPM .spec files place smbmnt in /usr/sbin,
but smbmount looks for it in /usr/bin (BINDIR). The above patch fixes that
so it also looks in SBINDIR but the current rpms are wrong and won't work
when smbmount is started from mount.
(Recent mount's unset parts of the environment, PATH, LD_*, etc)


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