[Draft #2] Samba 3.0 roadmap...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Mon Jul 8 11:25:06 GMT 2002

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Esh, Andrew wrote:

[Re: Winbindd .tdb sync in a cluster env ...]

> About a year ago I suggested this and was told that something was being done
> about it. My impression was that there were some ideas about how to
> implement it, and work was in progress. It was suggested that I wait.
> I'd like to pick up the thread on this, and put some effort behind it. If
> there are suggested solutions out there, let me know about them. If it is
> acceptable, I will coordinate this feature. I'd implement my own solution
> for it, if I can be sure someone else doesn't have better plans.

Hmmm, I am going to need to be involved in this as well :-)

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