patch for lpq output parsing for LPRng

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Jul 8 11:19:03 GMT 2002

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 04:26:26PM +0800, James Henstridge wrote:
> [please keep me in the CC line for replies, as I am not subscribed to 
> this list]
> Since upgrading one of our servers that handles a number of print queues 
> to Red Hat 7.3, I started getting complaints about jobs not getting 
> removed from the print queues -- they would get printed, then their 
> status would change to paused in the print queue dialog on the Windows 
> machines.  This also meant that the printer icon in the system tray 
> didn't disapear, which a number of users used to check when their job 
> had finished printing.
> This problem occurs because the version of LPRng (3.8.9) that ships with 
> RH7.3 lists the last few finished jobs in the output of lpq with their 
> rank listed as "done".  The output looks something like this:
> Printer: hp5100 at blinky (dest auto at hp5100)
>  Queue: no printable jobs in queue
>  Server: no server active
>  Status: job 'james at blinky+708' saved at 16:06:16.677
>  Rank   Owner/ID                  Class Job Files                 Size Time
> done   carole at blinky+580            A   580 smbprn.007629.i16aS5 99120 
> 10:34:44
> done   james at blinky+708             A   708 smbprn.000024.rW1nDr 72089 
> 16:06:16
> JetDirect lpd: no jobs queued on the port Auto
> I wrote a simple patch to solve this problem.  If it encounters a print 
> job with its rank set to "done", it sets the status field to LPQ_PRINTED 
> (which seems like the most appropriate status).  This seems to solve the 
> problem for us -- the completed jobs don't show up paused, and the 
> printer icon in the system tray disapears when the job completes.
> It would be useful to get this patch included in future 2.2 releases.

Applied - thanks !


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