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Esh, Andrew AEsh at tricord.com
Mon Jul 8 09:47:17 GMT 2002

Why not make Samba LDAP aware, so that it can work with any LDAP server.
Then, put an LDAP interface on Winbindd, so it can be queried by any client.
Eventually, I think Winbindd would go away in favor of plain LDAP.

BTW, this is the suggested solution for distributed Winbindd which I hear
was in the works when I asked about this a year ago. I still like it.

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Mind if I see it? Possibly test it?

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On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Johnston, Christopher (DCSA) wrote:

> Excellent.. however we are attempting to try and put together an LDAP
> solution here at ML to keep a centralized database of SID->UID
> mappings.. than letting the LDAP client make calls against the database
> for a UID.. what we would need is a backend script/program to make calls
> against winbind using wbinfo.. and than passing that info off to the
> LDAP server.. not sure if that would work.. but it is something
> management here has been talking about asking me to implement..

I've got some LDAP code I started on with.  Looked like it would work 
technically.  Don't know about performance....

cheers, jerry
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