[Draft #2] Samba 3.0 roadmap...

Esh, Andrew AEsh at tricord.com
Mon Jul 8 09:26:02 GMT 2002

About a year ago I suggested this and was told that something was being done
about it. My impression was that there were some ideas about how to
implement it, and work was in progress. It was suggested that I wait.

I'd like to pick up the thread on this, and put some effort behind it. If
there are suggested solutions out there, let me know about them. If it is
acceptable, I will coordinate this feature. I'd implement my own solution
for it, if I can be sure someone else doesn't have better plans.

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Round #2.

Roadmap to 3.0

The following features are planned for inclusion in 3.0.
This list was compiled based on previous promises during 2.2
development and believed future directions of Samba


* Winbind idmap storage & central idmap repository (for
    clusters, nfs, etc...)
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