Question related to DEBUG

Srinivas, Mohan mohan.srinivas at
Sun Jul 7 04:33:01 GMT 2002

Hi everybody, 

I have a small doubt on the DEBUG macro in samba.

My code is like this: The code is in vfswrap.c file....


	/* operation 1 */

	DEBUG(0, ("\n I am on top of the loop"));

	/* operation 2 */

		DEBUG(0, ("\n I am at start of the loop"));

		/* operation 3 */
		DEBUG(0, ("\n I am at middle of the loop"));
		/* A call to a shared object */

		DEBUG(0, ("\n I am at middle of the loop"));
		/* operations 4 */
		DEBUG(0, ("\n I am at end of the loop"));

	/* operations 5 */

	DEBUG(0, ("\n I am at bottom of the loop"));

	/* operations 6 */



Now my question is, in the above code, all operations are executing,
including 3 and 4 which
are inside the loop. I am calling a routine from a shared object inside the
I am getting all the DEBUG output in the log file, except for the DEBUGS
inside the loop.

The control is going through the loop, I tested that..but why the DEBUG
output is not printing??

will the call to shared object will effect this DEBUG printing....

can anybody tell me the reason related to this??

Hope i didnt make any simple mistake..:-):-):-):-):-)


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