patch for pdb_ldap.c (

Markus Schabel markus.schabel at
Fri Jul 5 00:15:01 GMT 2002

I thought the lengths should be the length of the string (parameter #3). At
least I saw this in another file (but don't ask which it was, I can't remember
and have no source at the moment to check this....). But I've just started to
read samba-source, so I've NO overview.....


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> On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 08:34:43AM +0200, Markus Schabel wrote:
> > When compiling the actual cvs-tree with --with-ldapsam, there are some
> > errors (not enough parameters for standard_sub_advance), the following
cvs -diff
> > pdb_ldap.c is a patch which correts this. At least I hope that it works so
> > compliles, but I've not tested if it runs....) - please correct me if I'm
> > wrong....
> I think the lengths should be sizeof(whatever) instead of 0.  Fixed.
> Thanks,
> Tim.

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