What is the case for preserving case under Samba ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Thu Jul 4 18:09:01 GMT 2002


The current situation with respect to preserve case = yes and case 
sensitive = no causes many problems.

I recently ran a build of a lot of software under Windows that was mounted 
on a file server, and lots of really silly things happen. This software 
goes looking for include files in a list of directories, and every request 
to open a file that does not exist in a particular include directory, or 
one that is not the case that was first presented, causes Samba to do a 
readdir scan of the directory that the name was contained in. This can 
cause thousands to millions of scans :-(

An altrnative might be to convert all names to the default case (preserve 
case = No) and then do case sensitive matches (case sensitive = yes).

What is the down-side to this?
Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at ns.aus.com, rsharpe at samba.org, 
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