Question about smbtorture/NEGNOWAIT

paul popelka paulp at
Wed Jul 3 14:39:32 GMT 2002

I've been running the NEGNOWAIT test that is part of smbtorture.

I've got some questions about the test.

It tries to send 50000 SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE requests to a
server all with the same mid (1) and pid.  The test does not wait for
So, there can be multiple negotiate requests outstanding at a given
time all with the same mid and pid.  This would seem like a violation of

the cifs protocol.

What is this test trying to test?
Is it checking to see if the server rejects the 49999 negotiates after
the first one?
Is it checking to see if the server can cope which several concurrent
requests with the same mid and pid?

Also, I noticed that the test always fails because it calls
which tries to do a tree disconnect.  Since the test uses
there is no tree connected.  So, the tree disconnect fails causing
to fail causing the test to fail.

Should the test call cli_shutdown() instead?


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