[patch] samr_set_sec_obj

Kai Krueger kai at kruegernetz.de
Wed Jul 3 14:13:01 GMT 2002


This patch implements the un-, marshalling of the RPC SetSecObj and
returns NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, so that the function
can be implemented more easily later on.

One of the places where the RPC call SetSecObj() is needed,
is in usrmgr.exe to set the flag "User cannot change password".
This is accomplished by changing the SD of the user to not include
the "change password" access bit in the appropriate ace.
Currently there is no possibility to store a SD per SAM object and
therefore this patch only returns NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.

But with the plans for redesigning the SAM backends this functionality
will hopefully be added in some backends, so that the goal of complete
NT PDC functionality will come a little bit closer.

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