archive bit in xattr possible/exist?

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Wed Jul 3 02:38:03 GMT 2002

 > I know it is possible to use "map archive" to keep track of archive
 > bits, but this is not very useful if you have real UNIX users.  I.e. I
 > can't have samba arbitrarily playing with the execute bits.
	Agreed ...

 > Does anyone know of any attempted implementation of archive bits through
 > extended attributes?  This would probably need a VFS layer, to get and
 > set them appropriately.
	I have asked this question before, but got no responce ...

 > If no one has looked into this is there a better/different way of
 > tracking archive bits?
	I remember searching the mail list archives, and somebody else proposed 
this, but I don't think anybody has done anything ...

	If anybody is going to looking into this, could they keep it on the list, 


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