Can see Samba in printsharing list without printers shared.

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Tue Jul 2 23:54:02 GMT 2002

Hello, i think there is a "optical" bug in samba-2.2.3a and lower. The
problem i found is described in the messages below.

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> Hello,
> i have following problem:
> Everyone who want to install a printer on his Windows Client, can see my
> Samba machine in the list of the machines who are sharing printers.
> But my Samba machine has no printers to share.
> Other Windows Server who also has no printers to share are not in the
> I have no [printers] sektion in smb.conf and in the [global] sektion the
> parameter "load printers = no". This doesn't solve the problem.
> We have only 2 Server who shares printers. All other should not be seen in
> the browsing list when someone want to install a shared printer.
> But now all linux server with Samba installed for filesharing can be seen
> this list.
> Sorry for little bad grammar. ;-)
> Can somebody help me?
> regards
> Werner
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> Robert wrote:
> > If you are referring to the list of machines (netbios names)
> > that appears in browse list of Network Neighbourhood; then
> > the answer is that this has nothing to do with printers, and
> > everything to do with shared resources.
> I know.
> > If you are not referring to Network Neighbourhood;
> > what are you referring to?
> >
> > Robert
> > ************
> When a client goes trough "add new printer" dialog, he comes to a browse
> list wich is only showing NT or 2000 machines that share printers. In this
> dialog we can also see samba machines which are not shares printers.
> Any idea?
> regards
> Werner
MSWin2K does not differentiate between netbios name sharing
units in terms which could preclude the showing of samba servers,
so I am afraid that you are stuck with samba servers appearing in
the print server list. The samba server is recognised by Win2k
as being a print server, irrespective of the availability of printers.




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