Draft of branch maintainence and release plans....

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jul 2 10:55:13 GMT 2002


Here are the plans for getting 3.0 ready for release and the 
maintainence plans for SAMBA_2_2.  Comments welcome.

I would love to see this out sometime during the Fall of this 
year.  Of course, none of this will get done without everyone's 
help :-)

Roadmap to 3.0

The following features are planned for inclusion in 3.0.
This list was compiled based on previous promises during 2.2
development and believed future directions of Samba

* Internationalization - The UNICODE support is done.  Jeremy
  thinks we will probably need some auditing and testing
  before release.

* Full Windows NT 4.0 PDC support
  - Trust relationships 
  - SAM replication 
  These features will allow for full replacement and migration 
  from Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers.  Both of these features
  are partially completed.

* Windows 2000 domain client support - Done.

* NTLMv2 & Sign/Seal of RPC packets - NTLMv2 should be ok, the 
  sign/seal is yet to be done.

* Winbind idmap storage & central idmap repository (for
  clusters, nfs, etc...)

* Winbind working with Samba DC

* Group Mapping support (pluggable?)

* Printer attribute publishing using 'net'

* pluggable passwd support - Done.

Other possible feature which may be included depending on 
time/resources.  Probably in later 3.x release.

* Background updates of print queue caches

* WINS replication

* loadable library support for named pipes

* non-blocking winbind implementation

* Printer attribute publishing via smbd

SAMBA_2_2 maintainence

The SAMBA_2_2 will only be updated to include fixes for 
severe bugs or security exploits.  All testing will be done
against HEAD at this point.  No new features/functionality 
are to added due to the risk of destabilizing the branch.

There will be a 2.2.6 release most likely, but all efforts
should be concentrated on HEAD.

cheers, jerry
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