PATCH: context based libsmbclient (85K attachment)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Jul 2 03:44:02 GMT 2002

Tom Jansen wrote:
> > > Fixed. Attached is the patch. (complete one again)
> >
> > I have applied this patch with a few minor corrections to Samba-2.2.x. I
> > had to write a couple of extra compatibility functions, and had to apply
> > much of the patch by hand.
> Shouldn't 2.2.x be stable ? Hmm.. I'll test it like hell :-)

Yes, I really expected this to be applied to HEAD.

I don't think this should go into a 2.2 release - becouse if we do such
a release then we will *really* want to keep changes down.  This is
HEAD/Samba 3.0 stuff.

> > You might try pulling the code from CVS and seeing if it is OK.
> I'll do that.
> >
> > What I have submitted builds, but has not been tested, except to test
> > that
> > it links with an old example program.
> I'm testing it very thoroughly now. (I'm working on a userspace filesystem)
> > I will be testing this later this week, both from a compatibility point
> Alright, I'm not really focusing on the compat. POV but mainly on the new
> functionality.

Thanks to all involved on this - now I just hope we can get the perl
interface updated to the new version ;-)

(I want to use a web/smb interface based on the new smb2www code - but
it really needs the context stuff for security under mod_perl).

Andrew Bartlett

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