VS: Default ACL dosn't work

Nieminen, Jooel Jooel.Nieminen at gwspikval.com
Mon Jul 1 01:48:01 GMT 2002

I'm using bestbits ACL-patch too.
got exchausted with the xfs.

about samba picking the acl, yes it did pick it up.

there is no other problem than making the default work.
even if I manually locally make some domain group to be the
default instead of domain users samba sets it to be "domain users"
next time I create or copy a file there.
if I then try to remove the "domain users" after added domain admins
and some other groups, I get access denied.

so, should it work or is this in-desing flaw?


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Aihe: RE: Default ACL dosn't work

I had the default ACLs working fine with Samba - but I was using the ACL
patches from bestbits not XFS.

I tried XFS also but had a lot of problems creating a default ACL at all!
Eventual solution was to upgrade the ACL utilities to the latest version but
after I also had some disk corruption with XFS my enthusiasm for it waned
and I am back with EXT2/3.

Did you check that Samba had picked up the ACLs in the filesystem during the
configure?  I seem to remember that Samba does not pick XFS ACLs up if you
compile --with-pam?  Can you add multiple ACLs to a directory/file but find
it is only the default ACLs which don't work?


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I've had the exact same problem.
there has been no way to set samba use the rights.
only way around was to set inheritance on acl's and
anyway, this does not prevent samba from setting itself
the file permissions.
it forces them to be owner, domain users, and everyone!
silly I say.
seems that the acl-code in samba is not really considered
as a solution but more as addin, sadly.
so can't have real NT connectivity on file-level yet with


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Aihe: Fw: Default ACL dosn't work


I've a problem with the default ACL,  
 I'm using samba 2.2.3a and the lastest XFS & ACL patch.
I setted a default acl at console, it worked at local site, 
 I created a new file, and it inherited the default acl.
 But when I created a file from windows 2000, the file didn't
 use default acl.
 What's the problem? 

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